Hongchang Chair Industry Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Jinmeiao Chair Industry Share Co., Ltd. is a company manufacturing Hydraulic Oil Pump for Styling and Barber chairs. We also produce various accessories for salon chair, and table including other relating devices for beauty salon. We have a plant over 5,000 Sq.Meters in China.

Since established in 1993, We have kept developing and providing with best goods and services for our customers. Not only durability and reliability but also high quality with low price, we have been enjoying a very good reputation from our customers.

For recent 3 years, we have devoted ourselves to developing new hydraulic oil pump system called SHOCK-ZERO. We adopt "Energy Accumulating mechanism” which doesn't need any electric power. The core concept of SHOCK-ZERO is that there's no shock when uploading the person on the salon chair.

SHOCK-ZERO is an output of high technologies and concentrations.

The technologies have been originally provided by registered Korean patents and protected by pending patents worldwide. As a leading company in this market, we are always seeking a better solution to improve our quality and services to meet our customers' requirements.

We promise you continuous, efficient and utmost production control and stable supply with the lowest price.